New OpenVMS product catalog and Support Center home page

Updated roadmap from VSI released 5th June 2018.

information covering i6 certification, recent product shipments, Oracle Database on OpenVMS and Oracle Rdb customer events, and Oracle Rdb Training.

new version of the OpenVMS webserver WASD

Installation kits for Perl 5.26.2 on OpenVMS Alpha and OpenVMS I64 v8.4 and later are

VSI have announced that the DCL security issue previously announced now has an ID CVE-2017-17482.
The patch for DCL on VSI OpenVMS versions has been available since last year.

Migration Specialties have announced announced the release of FreeAXP which has bug fixes and support for VSI's OpenVMS V8.4-2L2 Performance Release for Alpha.

This latest 2017-2020 product roadmap includes specific updates for VSI OpenVMS releases on Alpha, Integrity, and x86.

VMS Software, Inc. has announced support for VSI OpenVMS Integrity Version 8.4-2L1 running on the following HPE Integrity i6 server models

The latest NXTware Remote has been certified for reliability and performance on the OpenVMS Java 1.8 port for Agile Development, DevOps remote deploy and audit functions for development events on OpenVMS. eCube Systems’ NXTware Remote 4.7 is first major Java 1.8 certified application for OpenVMS

Arne Vajhøj has announced an OpenVMS interface library for java and JVM based script languages.


Installation kits for Perl 5.24.2 on OpenVMS Alpha and OpenVMS I64 v8.3 and later are now available. They include a mitigation for CVE-2016-1238

Terry R. Holmes joins VMS Software executive team to lead ramp up of worldwide customer outreach.

This latest 2017-2019 product roadmap includes updates on VSI OpenVMS V8.5, OpenVMS for Integrity i6, the Alpha support roadmap, and iSCSI. There is also further detail about the next OpenVMS V8.5 and V9.0 release for Itanium, along with the "early adopter" release of V9.0 of OpenVMS for x86 servers.

Java 8 is now available for current OpenVMS systems.