MultiNet V5.5 is now available.

MultiNet V5.5 is now shipping.
the highlights:

  • UCXDRIVER (the BG interface) now uses buffered I/O to improve performance

  • The latest version of BIND is included

  • The latest version of NTP is included

  • An NFSv3 client is now included

  • Lots of FTP enhancements have been made
  • some details from the release notes:

  • FTP changed to use the BG device on ia64 systems to take advantage of the improved performance

  • MODE Z (deflate) support added to FTP

  • MLST/MLSD (RFC 3659) support added to the FTP server
  • Allow the FTP client to verify TLS certificates that are signed by a signing authority as well as self-signed certificates (which prior versions supported)/

  • Added support for +VMS+ mode to provide better interoperability with TCP/IP Services
  • BIND 9.9.8-P4 from isc.org
  • Provide configuration support for DNSSEC for DNS clusters
  • NTP 4.2.8p4 from ntp.org

  • New DHCP client (DHCLIENT4) and server (DHCP4) based on ISC version 4.2.5-P1
  • PEERNAME utility added
  • NFSv3 client added