PMDF 6.7 has been released

The primary enhancement in this release is that PMDF now internally handles much longer lines in messages than what the RFCs allow. Many email clients are ignoring the length limitations of the RFCs these days, and earlier versions of PMDF have tried various methods of handling such messages with varying degrees of success. PMDF V6.7 increases the maximum line length from 1024 to 8192. Any incoming SMTP message with a line longer than 8192 characters will be rejected during the SMTP session with an appropriate error code. Note that this should never happen: messages with long lines should be encoded (either quoted-printable or base64), but Microsoft products, for example, will happily generate headers that are in excess of 1024 characters. Previously, PMDF would try to truncate or wrap such headers, but now they are accepted and handled appropriately.

Note: This change also affects any program that uses the callable PMDF API. All such programs will need to be recompiled so they use all the proper buffer sizes that PMDF expects and uses. If they were coded as documented, they use the symbol BIGALFA_SIZE defined in PMDF_COM:APIDEF.H (/pmdf/include/apidef.h on Linux), so a simple recompilation is all that is required. New images for PMAS V3.2-6 can be found in the PMDF V6.7 download directory.

This release drops support for the following add-on products: PMDF-FAX, PMDF-XGS, PMDF-X400, PMDF-MR, and PMDF-MB400. If you depend on any of those products, you cannot upgrade to PMDF V6.7.

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