VMS Software Inc release updates for OpenVMS V8.4-1H1

This release includes:

Twelve VSI OpenVMS product introductions including Operating Environment products and layered products.
• VSI Archive Backup Server
• VSI Archive Backup Client
• VSI Datatrieve
• VSI DCE Application Developers Kit
• VSI DCE Cell Directory Server
• VSI DCE Security Server
• VSI Distributed File System
• VSI FMS Development
• VSI FMS RunTime
• VSI Save Set Manager
• VSI TDMS Development
• VSI TDMS RunTime

and Support for upgrades to VSI OpenVMS V8.4-1H1 from HP OpenVMS v8.3 and HP OpenVMS v8.3-1H1.

See the VSI OpenVMS V8.4-1H1 Phase 2 document or the updated VSI OpenVMS V8.4-1H1 quickspec.

The next VSI OpenVMS release is planned for February 2016.