VSI is looking for field-testers for layered products

The Layered Product Engineering Group at VSI are looking for people who are interested in field-testing the following
VSI products:

  • FMS
  • TDMS
  • Datatrieve
  • ABS/MDMS (Archive Backup System/Media Device and Management System)
  • MRU (Media Robot Utility)
  • SSM (Save Set Manager)
  • DFO (newly rebuilt on V8.4-1H1 with VSI-built compilers)

Of course, if you want to "field test" the layered products they have released already, you can do that, too.

The testing period will start on Monday, August 17, and run for three weeks.

VSI will provide downloadable media and temporary PAKs for all of the layered products.
You will be given access to our field test bug tracking system, in the unlikely event
that you find a bug.

These products are designed to run on VSI OpenVMS V8.4-1H1. If you aren't running that version, VSI will provide a temporary PAK and downloadable media for OpenVMS.

If you are interested, please contact Sue(dot)Avery at vmssoftware.com by August 6.

If you've responded already, there is no need to contact VSI again.