HP OpenVMS Service Control (OSC) V3.4 - New Version

HP OpenVMS Service Control (OSC) is a framework that can make non-cluster aware applications highly available. Anyone who has been exposed to ASE on DEC OSF1, CAA on Tru64 or Veritas Cluster Server will have an idea what lies behind the concept.

HP OpenVMS Service Control is freeware and can be downloaded from www.openservicecontrol.org.

There is extensive documentation available describing the steps required to configure and operate an OSC cluster. There is even an OSC GUI available for Windows systems, that allows you to manage and monitor an OpenVMS OSC cluster.

OSC has now been in operation for a number of years at various customer sites and the functionality has been continually extended based on customer feedback. HP OpenVMS Service Control (OSC) comes from the same Engineering workshop that is responsible for HP PERFDAT (www.perfdat.com) - the ultimate performance solution for OpenVMS.

Please take the opportunity of installing, configuring and testing your application in an HP OpenVMS Service Control (OSC) environment, in your own good time. If you have any issues or questions pertaining to OSC please let us know via info@openservicecontrol.org.

As this is freeware, support can only be offered on a best effort basis.
Any enquiries regarding consulting or commercial arrangements should be addressed to the mail address quoted above.

We hope that we will be able to present the architecture and the management of OSC, at the next Bootcamp this coming September 2015. Presentations of OSC at previous Bootcamps can be found on the download site.