Become a Contributor to OpenVMSnews.com

become a journalist

Well, seeing as this is free, and a community effort (hopefully), We want all of you to be a part of it.
If you have something to say, or some news to report, please do write your thoughts and send the article in to us.

You can do so at info@openvmsnews.com. Include it in a NON-ZIPPED format. PDFs are preferred but a .doc format is OK also.
We will only accept contributions from registered users (it's free and easy to open an account)
Your email must be verifiable and the article must be IT, preferably OpenVMS related.

We will always post things like products for sale, want to buy requests, free equipment giveway, support requests.
With some things though, also post to the forums. If you have the username of a contact, you can use that to send a message directly if you are logged in.

Thanks all. Hope this site finds some readership

David Turner